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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Summer Garden - Paullina Simons

Number of pages: 839
My rating: 5 ♥
My Take:
The ending of the fantastic series which has taken me on a ride like a Giant Roller coaster at Six Flags. I never wanted it to end. This book is long, and so worth it. I feel it starts out slow, but that might just be because the other 6 books I was reading were very fast and action-ful on page one. This is a not to be mised series.

I would recommend that it be read in order because the story makes more sense that way, although each book can be read alone and you'd still get one satisfying tale.

Book Blurb:
From the bestselling author of The Girl in Times Square, comes the magnificent conclusion to the saga that was set in motion when Tatiana fell in love with her Red Army officer, Alexander Belov, in wartime Leningrad in 1941.

Tatiana and Alexander have suffered the worst the twentieth century had to offer. After years of separation, they are miraculously reunited in America, the land of their dreams. They have a beautiful son, Anthony. They have proved to each other that their love is greater than the vast evil of the world ... but they are strangers. In the climate of fear and mistrust of the Cold War, dark forces are at work in the US that threaten their life and their family. Can they make a new life for themselves in this new land? Can they be happy? Or will the ghosts of yesterday reach out to blight even the destiny of their firstborn son? Epic in scope, masterfully told, The Summer Garden is a novel of unique and devastating emotional power that spans two thirds of the twentieth century, and three continents. The Summer Garden. For what once was ...

Books in the series:
The Bronze Horseman
Tatiana and Alexander
The Summer Garden

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