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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

All in a Row

Doesn't it make you wonder what my child was thinking when he put this up? He was two then. This is a WW entry.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Monday Morning Meme

May 26th Questions:

1. What was the last movie you saw? Was it good? What made it good? What made it bad? What could have been better? Why did you choose this particular movie? Would you recommend it to a friend? To your mom? To your significant other?
The last movie I saw was on TV called Factotum with Matt Dillon. I still wasn't sure if it was good or not, it kept me glued til the end. It was just really depressing. He's driven to write, but not enough to really make a go for it. He's more into booze and women. He's not kindest of men, nor the cleanest one. He's always sporting facial hair in a home-under-the-bridge kind of way. I have no idea what would make it better. My husband thought we'd watch it. He's got eclectic taste in film, but more often than not, they're not clearly bad. It just wasn't what I would choose to watch alone.

2. What three words do you think of when someone says ‘Saturday’?
Reading, Family, Rest

3. Do you tan? If so, how many hours a week do you tan? If you don’t tan, why not? Do you tan easily? Do you burn easily? Tell us about the worst burn you’ve ever had. How many hours, in the summer, would you say you spend in the sun? What sort of sunscreen do you use?
I'm Asian, and naturally tanned. If I so much as look at the sun, I turn darker. It would take serious sunning to get sunburned, but it's painful, so I avoid it. We make it to water park about 2 times a week at an average of 3 hours each time. Too much sun if you ask me.

4. If you had to wear a sign around your neck all day today, what would your sign say?
Read with me or go away.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Exercise, Exercise

I know this is a book blog, but then, I did say 'other things' somewhere. And even if I hadn't, I kept it in mind. I just wanted to vent a little. My baby #5 (pregnancy #6 because I want all the excuse I can get) is already two and I am still 150 pounds.

See, this is me. I am hoping that eating less and exercising more will get rid of that excess baggage. I was going to take some new pictures and paste it here, but why bother, I haven't gained or lost a pound since last year. I guess that's the good new eh?

I'm thinking, to motivate me, I will only listen to John Grisham Book and Ken Follet's book if I am on a treadmill or a fake ski machine. I have to do it for an hour at a time so I can get progress on my book. Right now, I'm listening to PLAYING FOR PIZZA by John Grisham. It's a different Grisham book about a football player. I'm loving it.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Weekly Geek: Social or Political

This week’s theme: Choose a political or social issue that matters to you. Find several books addressing that issue; they don’t have to books you’ve read, just books you might like to read. Using images (of the book covers or whatever you feel illustrates your topic) present these books in your blog.
I know that people are paying attention to this current election, but the truth is, I really don't care. I should care, but I don't. After all the children and pets, I just want to have some quiet time to blog and read. I do care about safety and the invironment. I want to be able to take my children camping and not have to worry about vagrant wondering the camp grounds on the way to wherever. I want to visit the southern border of Texas and not have to worry about safety. But then again, I also want to win the lottery.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Emilly Giffin's Giveaway

A Book Blogger's Diary

A Book Blogger's Diary is giving a copy of the newest Emily Giffin book. I have read her other three books and I know that there's a good chance this one is spectacular too. She's a wondeful writer because she can evoke so many emotions from me. I laughed, cried, got mad, and muttered in exasperation while reading her book. I really hope I win this contest because it would highlight my reading event for sure!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Books Finished in April

These are the book I finished in April. The ones with * is audio books. I hope to read more in May, when it's summer and no kids to rush to school.

43. Iris Johansen - Pandora’s Daughter* 3♥
42. Janet Evanovich - Thanksgiving 4♥
41. Suzanne Brockmann - Force of Nature* 3♥

40. Tara Janzen - The Mission: Crazy Love 5♥
39. Jayne Ann Krentz - Truth or Dare* 3♥
38. Janet Evanovich - Thanksgiving 4♥
37. John Grisham - The Innocent Man* 3♥
36. John Grisham - Skipping Christmas* 4♥

35. Janet Evanovich - Lean, Mean, Thirteen 4♥
34. Finder, Joseph - The Company Man* 4♥
33. Janet Evanovich - Full Speed* 4♥
32. Janet Evanovich - Full House* 4♥
31. Janet Evanovich - Smitten* 2♥

30. James Patterson - Suzanne’s Diary to Nicholas* 5♥