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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Captive of My Desires (Malory Family) by Johanna Lindsey

Captive of My Desires (Malory Family)
by Johanna Lindsey
Mass Market Paperback
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I haven't read Lindsey in a long time, but picked this one up because I want something familiar and good. I've always enjoyed the Mallory series. I used to stay up all nights reading them.

Since I have five children, and a few more other businesses, I can't stay up all night reading anymore. This Mallory is about Drew Anderson (James Mallory's brother-in-law) and Gabrielle, the Pirates daughter. It starts out a little slow, then picks up. It has great moments, then it has silly moments, but overall, it's worth the read. This is not the greatest of Mallory series, but it's certainly still a good read.

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  1. Love Johanna Lindsay. I used to read her books back in college. I need to go back to reading again.