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Saturday, June 14, 2008

DDP: Signs

This was taken with my husband's 2MP cell phone camera at night. I just love the wisdom of the signs, don't you? I need to sleep now because I have to get my daughter to her workshop someplace half and hour away at 8AM. At 9AM, my 3 years old need to be at his karate class for belt testing. I can't sleep though. I've always been insomniac. I think the sign I should be reading now is:
Can't sleep? Sleep anyway.

Briliant huh? What do you expect? It's 2AM my time.


  1. Hahhahaa... reminds me of a sign I've come across.

    "If you feel your whole world is dark .......................GET UP and switch on the LIGHTS!!"

    Have a good weekend!!

  2. Excellent ... Good thought to start the week with.

  3. the sign really make sense. thanks for sharing.

    jump in here from hailey's blog. :)