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Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend Snapshot: Walk-Jog with Daughter

This picture is taken in front of a sprinkling yard in our neighbor. My daughter's trying out some poses she learned.

I feel asleep a little early on Saturday night. It was about 12AM when I lay down with my baby, and woke up at 530. 12AM is early for me. :) I took a nice was so nice. No one was screaming or beating on my shower door. It's almost like a vacation. Weird! Then I thought I might as well jog. I woke up my daughter and have her jog with me. In another year, her strides are going to be longer than mine. She's ten, and she's only half and inch shorter than my 5'2". We made it to our neighborhood 7-11. She bought Slurpee, and I bought citrus propel water. And a bag of Teriyaki beef jerky.


  1. She is lovely and looks fun what she did. Happy WS!

  2. Your daughter is beautiful. That's a wonderful shot. God bless.

  3. Your daughter day is lovely. Naa na jud kay dalaga ba. So nice of her to jog with you- other girls will likely whine kay saon it's too early lol! Thanks for visiting :)

    Ayo ayo diha,


  4. how etherreal w/ the water that is soooo awesome!!!!

  5. great bonding moment with your daughter...

    Mine is up. Hope you can drop by:

    Bela and the Bears

    Happy WS!

  6. a pretty girl...

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  7. Lovely picture of your daughter- she's getting so big, huh? :)

    BTW, you won the beautiful Jasmine Clutch giveaway on Hip Mama's Place! Congrats! :)

  8. Very beautiful daughter. Thanks for stopping by my blog

    Your's is nice too