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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Books I've Read in June

I do not have many books in June. I think it's because I've been tweaking templates, trying to figure out how it works, only to make it crash. Heee! The best one I like is Pillars of the Earth. It's an epic, it's a love story, and it's history. I love it! Then there's Duke of Shadows. Awesome romance book. I have it available for winning over here. It's a book not to be missed for any romance reader.

I saw a lot of movies too, but I got to go and get ready for my class.


67. Cunningham, Michael - A Home at the End of the Earth 4♥
66. Grafton, Sue - P is for Peril* 3♥

65. Follett, Ken - The Pillars of the Earth* 5♥
64. Talarigo, Jeff - The Pearl Diver63. Jeffries, Sabrina - Only a Duke Will Do
62. Enoch, Suzanne - Sin and Sensibility
61. Johanna Lindsey - Captive of My Desires 4♥
60. Alexander McCall Smith - Kalahari Typing School for Men 4♥
59. Meredith Duran - Duke of Shadows 5♥


  1. you sure a book-aholic. hehehe.

    Karon ngita ko ug paperback para kang julie eclipse by stephenie meyer. ang naa man gud sa borders kay hardcover. dili nako palitan kay human ug basa itsa lang daplin. she's back reading again. she has been but morag naundang to tungod sa friends. karon summer na dili na halos buy-an ang libro.

  2. I got her one Carlota...don't worry about it. I have lots of books. :)