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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lawman by Diana Palmer

I listened to this book with Todd McLaren as the reader. He does not have many voice variations, but he's got a sexy voice. I would listen to him read phone book, but thankfully, I don't have to do that because he's got many books I can choose from.

This story is set in Jacobsville, Texas, hometown of the many Long, Tall, Texans by Diana Palmer. There's a bit of inconsistency about coffee drinking, and I'm missing the whole audio CD that I forgot to load into my iPod. Ugh. It's really exciting where I had to stop, but they're still not in love enough to have HEA. Happily Ever After is still my favorite kind of story.

Garon Grier is a neighbor of Grace Carver. They meet when Grace's grandma was dying. He's an FBI agent, and she's a potential bait, and the story works around it. I like Diana Palmer because I've always read hers. I like how her heroine never sleeps around. The men, they're rogues and they reformed, but Garon Grier is not so much a rogue as cruel and dim. He's got redeeming qualities, but for today's standard, he's like a caveman. He reminds me of Judith McNaught's hero in Whitney, My Love. He at least have an excuse of living in Regency or something really-old era.

I'd still recommend this book, but if you're new to Diana Palmer, I'd try some of Firebrand, or Night Fever that she wrote as Susan Kyle, or her Long, Tall, Texans. Those are great books.

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  1. Sounds interesting.
    I'll find out if the book is on sale in bookstores here in Oslo, Norway.

    What else? Everything OK?

    Have been "kicked off" for several weeks after - you know what.