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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

P is For Peril by Sue Grafton

P Is for Peril
Audio CD
Read by Lorelai King
Published in 2002

I enjoyed this book. I have not followed Kinsey Milhone in over 3 years, and I picked up with this book. I think I should have gone back to L. I will later on, but this one's handy. In this book, she's looking to move her office to a different location. She's thinking about dating, too.

Kinsey was hired to look for a missing doctor. There's the doctor's ex-wife, and the wife, and a trainer. There's dead body, but then, Ms. Milhone always finds dead bodies. The mystery's intricately put together, and it kept me guessing til the end. I like that in a book. I don't mind knowing whodunit, but I prefer to be kept guessing.

Lorelai King is a fun reader, she varies her voice so I don't have to think too much who's talking. I've listened to her audio books with Janet Evanovich and other authors too.


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