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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sky Watch: What's the Point?

My husband and my two children went out today. They took skywatch pictures for me.

You can try to guess what's the point of all these pictures, but just keep guessing some more.

They're almost there, and then you'll know.

It's that crane. You just never know what interest a person eh?

Just one more for good measure. Who would have thought!

For more sky watch, visit Tom.


  1. I guess the crane kind of makes their day. It is a nice crane and looks neat in yellow.

    I think this is going to be the best Sky Watch Friday yet. The things I have seen are very encouraging and the photography is spot on.

    I really admire your photography skills and your critical eye for composition, lighting and texture.

    Abraham Lincoln
    —Brookville Daily Photo

  2. cloud-gazing always remind me of the song:

    we're all like clouds... that move across the sky... we change forms right before our eyes.

  3. They certainly did a great job taking Sky Watch pictures for you. =)

    My SWF photo is posted HERE.

    Hope you could stop by, too. Thanks!

  4. It is well known that we Portuguese once sailed the seven seas searching for new lands, wealth and adventures.
    We were brave in those days and gave the world new worlds!

    Luckily I don’t have to sail the big oceans on a small ship to sea the wonders of our world …
    No Sir, I just need to check with Mr. Tom, the finest host there is, for a trip around the world with SKY WATCH TOURS and with a click here, a click there I am quickly in the USA, England, Brazil, Italy, China, Australia, Finland … well, everywhere.

    And on each stop I come to see a little marvel of our world under a great sky!
    Hope you can come and see my piece of the sky ...

  5. Perfect entry for skywatch… all I can say is that “you’ll be the sun in somebody else’s sky”…LoL! Mine’s up too hope you can drop by…

  6. Love these candid shots! What fun.

  7. I will start by thanking you for the time and effort you put into Sky Watch is really appreciated by man.. those that visit and leave comment and the many other that just visit.
    Enjoy your Sky Watch

    A great fun post.. thank them for me please.

  8. They did you proud, ans so many.

  9. wow- great one!

    Shosh- about the book, really? I told julie about it she's so excited even though she's not done reading the second book. Thanks so much ha.

    Happy Friday and have a safe 4th of July.

  10. this is an interesting sky watch, from the car, i love it! thanks for my comment! (:

  11. Great sky watch post, still trying to see all the sky watch photos on Tom's blog.