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Friday, August 22, 2008

The Enemy by Lee Child

The Enemy (Jack Reacher Novels)
by Lee Child
Dick Hill (Reader)
Audio CD
Published in 2004
ISBN-10: 1-59355-394-3

This is my first Lee Child book. One of my ThisBookForFree winners won the newest title by this author and I got curious. The Enemy is actually the 7th novel, but the event takes place two years before the first book of Jack Reacher series. I decided that it is a good place to start.

I enjoyed it. The reader, Dick Hill, is very engaging and he has this pleasant voice that makes me lost track of time while I'm doing my laundry, scrubbing the floor and all kinds of other things mother of five must do.

The story started with a death of a two star General in a motel on a New Years Eve. I like how I get to hear about MP. Took me a long while to guess whodunit. It's definitely worth listening. I loaded up on the next book, Killing Floor.


  1. I've never read any of Lee Child's books, Shoshana. I'll go check it out next time I am at B&N !

    Hope that you and your adorable kids have a great weekend !

    Loving Annie

  2. I'm hooked on the series...reading my 3rd book