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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lover Enshrined (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 6) by J.R. Ward

I'm been through this many times. I would read a book. I would enjoy it so much, that every thing pales in comparison. It's such a big let down. I just finished two wonderful vampire books one of which was Acheron by Sherilyn Kenyon:

I was actually dragging my feet about reading Lover Enshrined by JR Ward because I knew that when I finished reading it, it will be a while before the next one comes out. I don't think I have forgotten the story of the first book, Dark Lover to re-read it again.

It was funny how in the beginning, I was uber annoyed with the flying 'Hs' in the book. You have to read it to believe it, but these hot guys goes by the names of Phury, Rhage, etc. See all the Hs? But you know what? Once I got over my hang-up about 'H', the story's great. I love it! There are plenty of sex to please most people. Fortunately, I'm not most people and I tend to rush through love scenes.

This book is about the twin of Zhadist. He's the Primale. He gets to 'bred' with a whole lot of Choosen to make sure there's going to be many pregnancies to replenish the diminishing supply of vampire race. Why have a "Primale"? It is to make sure that the 'parents' of the new generation will be the creme-de-la-creme.

This story wasn't like the other book, which is probably good because who wants to read recycled plot huh? I did feel that there was less romance between Phury and Cormia...but this guy was partner to a whole bunch of 'Choosen' and the author has to reduce that to just one person. The book took a whole month to grow with me. Once it got going, it's going great...just getting used to the set up was tough.

Phury is an addict, and no matter how justified or how handsome or how the person was in pain, it is very hard to overcome an addict and make that character into a hero. JR Ward pulled this off, and I enjoyed the last part of the book on my last days in San Francisco when I'm about all toured out and was ready to relax with a book before going home.

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  1. Good Wednesday afternoon to you, Shoshana.

    Addicts are never heroes in my book. Never. Even when they do recover - the 10% of them that do, long term, it just means they have started looking for solutions and stopped being self-destructive...

    I know you are talking about a book, but to me the issue is real.
    We ALL have pain. Some of us choose to look for answers no matter how hard it is or how long it takes - and addicts refuse to, martyrs to pain they stubbornly cling to.