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Monday, August 18, 2008

Marriage Most Scandalous by Johanna Lindsey [Ruby Tuesday, too]

This child in ruby red usually wants my attention the second I get engrossed in a book. Actually, make that engrossed with anything. He's my last baby, and I'm already missing the time when he couldn't care less what I am doing.

Marriage Most Scandalous
by Johanna Lindsey
Audio CD

Do you know how weird it is to listen to a book in your iPod and the play list is scrambled worse than an egg? I was listening to CD 1, 2, 5, 4, 3, was crazy. I still like the story of Sebastian Townsend. He seem lucky or maybe talented or both. He doesn't know himself. First he was an heir, then he's cut off from his inheritance because he killed his best friend in a duel...

I just wish it wasn't scrambled when I was listening to it because it's got great flow to it. This is a historical romance. Lady Margaret is a likeable girl. She's not TSTL* heroine.

I'm going to be giving away the CD's at anyone interested. Watch out for that post at this site. The post should be up in a week or so. I usually only give out books, but this is audio book, so a book nonetheless.

*Too Stupid To Live


  1. He's a cutie...and is that a camera he's holding? A budding photog ;)

  2. Johanna Lindsey writes good trashy novels. I wish I was the heroine :)

  3. Looks like he's taking photography 101! Nice photo.
    Happy RT!

  4. Very cute, glad he was wearing red :0)

  5. Ahhh, he's cute. I also read Johanna Lindsey...or I did years ago. Good writer!

    Ruby post

  6. Good one, Happpy Ruby Tuesday. :)

  7. He's adorable in his Ruby red shirt! Thanks for playing Ruby Tuesday! I appreciate it! :)

  8. Children and animals... When you want their attention they want nothing to do with you. Get engrossed in a book or a phone call and suddenly they can't live without you. Sweet photo.

  9. he is very engrossed in that camera, perhaps he's planning his own blog!

    sweet photo.

  10. hahahah! i read this one. my fave is still lindsey's once a princess ;-)