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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Arthur's April Fool (Arthur Adventure Series) by Marc Brown

I'm doing homework with my 7 years old every night from Monday to Thursday. We read books together every night of the week. Sometimes, the other kids would join us, other times, it's just us. Last night, we were reading a book that Yoav borrowed from the library. The story is about Arthur's fear of Tank, a giant, hulking boy who's a bully. When Arthur was performing a magic show, Tank volunteered just to intimated Arthur. Well, Arthur found his bravado at last. Here are the parts that made my kids laugh.

Arthur: Let me saw this man in half.
Tank pales and backs away.
Arthur: Give me my saw Francine. Here's the bucket to catch the blood...
Tank fell off the stage.

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  1. I love children's books, and the vivid imaginations that make them seem real :)

    Hope you and the kids are all doing well, Shoshana !