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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Books and Movies I've Read/Seen in 2009

I usually have a nice list somewhere, but I don't want to forget the ones I've started already, so here they are. I have listened to two books, but I can't recall their title now, even if it was just a few days ago...I mean we're only 7 days into 2009!

1. Child, Lee - Persuader~, read by Dick Hill

~ audiobook

14. Yes Man* - Jim Carrey
13. Hannibal Rising - Gaspard Ulliel
12. Meet the Robinsons - cartoon
11. A Scanner Darkly - Keeanu Reeves

10. Accepted - Justin Long
9. My Fair Madeleine - cartoon
8. The Virgin Queen - Kevin McKidd
7. Trainspotting - Ewan McGregor
6. Marley & Me*+ - Owen Wilson

5. Gran Torino* - Clint Eastwood
4. 27 Dresses - Katherine Heigl
3. Love is the Devil - Daniel Craig
2. The Mother - Daniel Craig
1. Bedtime Stories*+ - Adam Sandler

* movie theater
+ will watch again


  1. Shoshana,
    Happy New Year to you, fellow bookworm :)

    I want to see Gran Torino and The Virgin Queen.

    How are you and the kids all doing ?

    Loving Annie

    (This will be my website home from now on :)

  2. Hi Shoshana,

    I just wanted to let you know that I am giving you another Blog Award, The Butterfly Award! :-)

    Have a great weekend!