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Thursday, January 29, 2009

One Shot by Lee Child

One Shot (Jack Reacher, No. 9)
by Lee Child

I can't believe I'm already on the 9th book of Jack Reacher series. This is a fantastic series. I'm so glad I found out about it. I've been listening to the audio of this book. Dick Hill is a fantastic reader. I hope they pick an actor who sounds like him when they make this series into a movie. I've gotten used to Jack Reacher sounding like him.

In this installment, Jack went to Indiana to find out about a trained military sniper like James Barr who went on a rampage. The slam-dunk case is no more when Jack finds out more and more about the event. I like the twist and turn this story takes. I like how it's always possible for Jack to find help, and it's believable. I almost didn't want this story to end. It's one satisfying read.

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  1. Hi Shoshana ! How did your Friday go ?
    I'm so behind in my reading...
    Books are a great relaxation.
    Glad you are enjoying this series !