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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Poseidon (2006)

I saw this movie last Tuesday on Netflix Instant Play. I didn't bother watching it when it came out because, well, it wasn't that appealing to me then. I'm not much into movies, but it's amazing that I've been watching more of them lately than ever. I think my books are positively forlorn that I have not been spending as much time with them as I used to.

This movie is exciting, scary and fun. All things that makes a movie glue you to your seat. My daughter was cowering next to me, but of course, she stayed and watched. It was a fun movie. It was all things a movie should be. I wished now that I had watched it on big screen.

I think that I might just go ahead and pull a rabbit out of a hat. My husband wants this 73" screen TV. I'm with him on that now...where before I couldn't see the point. We have three working TV. So, we're shopping for that big screen TV now.

Top Five Casts:
Josh Lucas ... Dylan Johns
Kurt Russell ... Robert Ramsey
Jacinda Barrett ... Maggie James
Richard Dreyfuss ... Richard Nelson
Emmy Rossum ... Jennifer Ramsey

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