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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stone Cold (The Camel Club) by David Baldacci Audio CD

Stone Cold (The Camel Club)
by David Baldacci
Reader: Ron McLarty
Audio CD
List Price: $49.98
Published in 2007
ISBN-10: 1-60024-052-6

This is the second Camel Club book I listened to. I knit while I listen. So, at the end of this book, I have this much finished. I listed to Divine Justice first and didn't like Annabelle very much. But in this book, I like her very much. I understand where's she's coming from. I like Harry Finn's character. He's efficient and smart. I think his character is well-developed. I like Alex Ford. I can't wait to find out more about him in the previous book. I reserved it from the library. I like Ron McLarty as a reader too. He's quite engaging. I'm going to go and find a picture of him now.

Book Summary:
Oliver Stone and the Camel Club are back in their most dangerous adventure yet, a war on two fronts. Casino king Jerry Bagger from THE COLLECTORS is hunting Annabelle Conroy who conned him out of millions. Stone and his colleagues Reuben, Milton, and Caleb marshal all their resources to protect Annabelle. Yet all their skills may not be enough when a deadly new opponent rips off the veneer of Stone's own mysterious past. Bagger's menace pales next to newcomer Harry Finn's lethality. Seeming a normal family-man, Finn has already killed three men with more targets to come. When Finn also sets his bulls-eye on Stone, his reason why will be the greatest shock of all, making readers reconsider their beliefs in good and evil. As bodies and institutions topple, the story rockets toward a shattering finale that will leave the survivors of this explosive tale changed forever.

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