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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Remember Everything You Read by Stanley D. Frank

Remember Everything You Read: The Evelyn Wood 7-Day Speed Reading and Learning Program
by Stanley D. Frank

List Price: $23.00
Published in 1990
ISBN-10: 0-8129-1773-1

Product Description (from
Now you can join the millions of people of all ages who have reaped the rewards of the famous Evelyn Wood Speed Reading and Learning Program. All the secrets of this amazing system are now available to you in this book. Find out how you can:

Read 50% faster in only an hour
Double your reading speed in a week
Soar beyond -- to read an amazing 1,200 to 3,000 words per minute -- and remember everything you read!

In just a few lessons, the proven techniques of this dynamic learning system will unlock the natural power of your mind, opening the door to new realms of intellectual power and potential success.


My Take:
I must have owned this book for years. Sometimes, you see a book and you just have to buy it. Then it sits there unread for years. My 5 years old took it out of the shelf a week before I went on a vacation to San Francisco with my 9 years old. I read this book on a lark because it's an interesting title.

While waiting for my children's piano and guitar lessons, I started reading. I timed myself on all the timed practice...and believe it or not, I REALLY doubled my reading speed by chapter 2. That's less than an hour!

Tell me, how awesome is that? I'm re-reading the book again, because if I can read faster, retain more, then it will be very helpful for my LSAT (Law School Admission Test) in October 1. As usual, I am procrastinating and have barely begun to practice the test. I will do it now. Not tomorrow, now. Knock on wood and keep fingers crossed. :)

I highly recommend this book to anybody who reads and likes reading, and to anybody else who wants to read faster. I'm not at 1500 words per minute yet, but I bet I will be before the year is out.

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