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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Key To High Scores by David W. Fielder

I'm registered to take the October 1 LSAT. It's a little harrowing because I've always been a science major. This test is quite different from what I'm used to. So, I try to get as many books as I can to help me along. One of the books I picked up from the library is this:

Key to High Scores on Standardized Tests
by David W. Felder
List Price: $19.00
Published in 2006
ISBN-10: 0-910959-06-4

This book is okay if you are not familiar with any standardized exams. However, if you're about to take LSAT, this is not the book you need. Stick to Kaplan, Barron, McGraw-Hill, and LSAC's published ones. I had to check it out because the title is quite enticing.

BTW, the number one key to acing the LSAT is to study and I haven't been studying since Friday. Tomorrow, off the to library. It's amazing how one little interruption is a welcome nod to goof off the whole day. There are other better books out there.

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  1. The LSAT is a skills based test, and the skills can be learned and practiced. We have lots of LSAT classes for the October test and even some free LSAT preview classes online. Sign up for our next one on 8/18 at Good luck with your LSAT studies! :)