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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Kindle and Public Library

I have tried all kinds of reader. I bought a Sony pocket specifically so I can borrow eBooks from my public library. It wasn't as fun, but I managed to read quite a few books in it. Kindle (the latest generation) is the best one, I think. I ever tried Nook color for the same reason. But the back light does not make it an ideal reading for me. My 12 years old now uses it to watch YouTube videos.

I have been buried under LSAT related text the past few weeks. Today, I got a chance to check out my library's website to look for a video. What a nice surprise to find out that Kindle and my public library are together at last!  I can check ou library eBook through my Kindle! I've been waiting for this for ages. I can now say that my Kindle is perfect at last.  I checked out this book below. Since I'm still getting ready for a big test, I also check out McGraw-Hill's LSAT book.

This is the public library book in my Kindle!
See the books I've check out so far! I can hardly wait to check out more.
Click on the picture to see that Public Library has Kindle check out
Does your public library loan eBooks through Kindle yet?

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