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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Angel Makers by Jessica Gregson

Jessica Gregson's blog
I received this book as review copy from Soho Press. Thank you for this entertaining book.

This book is based on fact. In Nagyrév, Hungary, there's an old midwife named Fazekas who was credited with several abortions and later on, poisoning. This book is engrossing. I relished each page and chapters while mourning the inevitable progression to finishing the story. Ms. Gregson took a snippet on a series about serial killing and turned it into a novel worth reading.

During World War 1, the men went off to fight and the village was left with mostly women. They form a bond. When prisoners of war were housed in the same time, the women formed connections with the men. Some of these women only experience horrible relationship. These new love they found is intoxicating. When the men started returning home from the war, some women wanted to get rid of them.

It started out with deserving men who need to die. Later on, it escalated into 'inconvenience' killing. There's a husband who's disable and he knew his wife is killing him with poison, yet he let her do it. Somehow, that story is poignant.

Jessica Gregson's debut novel is an excellent work of art grounded in reality. She welds her words with the expertise of a well-honed swordsman. It's a book not to be missed.