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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Moonlight and Oranges by Elise Stephens

Moonlight and Oranges
by Elise Stephens
Publisher: Booktrope Editions (November 1, 2011)

This book is a Kindle book which I got it for free. My favorite kind of book. I also like the cover. Yes, I sometimes judge the book by its cover because they are not created equal. Just look at that luscious red over a dark background. Who can possible resist that?

This is a story about Lorona and Kestrin. They meet at a party and really made an big impression on each other. They kissed and the next day got a horrible craving for oranges. I'm not sure I got that part, but it seem to mean that they really want each other. Kestrin, on the other hand, has infamous for breaking girl's hearts.  He's been with many girls. Lots and lots of them. What people didn't know was he's on a quest to find the 'right one'. There's this dream and he was convinced that it's the way to finding the right person for him.

When he met Lorona, he thought he saw her crying, and immediately thought he's the girl of his dreams. He has this journal where he wrote details of his dreams. When he couldn't find his journal to verify Lorona's rightness, he felt strong that they should get married. They got married in a big rush. That's where our story starts.

It's based on a Greek Myth about Cupid and Psche. I'm not so familiar with them. I wasn't even sure I like the story, but I also cannot stop reading it. So I read it til the very end and got this knock-over feeling. It is a book which holds my attention even as I am unsure I like the story. This writer is that good!

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