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Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Adventures of Tintin

My first memory of this title was when my mother would tell us a story after the lights are off when my sibling and I are children. I love those times. My mother is a virtual library or stories when we were growing up. It's so pleasant to hear her tell us different ones every night.  I think I have the loveliest mother who enriched us that way.  I wish she'd tell more stories to my children, too.

I wasn't that impressed with the preview of this movie. In fact, I did not see it in the theaters because I didn't like the texture of the preview. I don't know if I'm making sense. It seemed rather odd. It was compelling to me.  But I needed to try my new DVD Blu-ray player and decided to rent this one out of Redbox. Isn't that a clever thing? Those Redboxes? I love how it's only 1.50 a night....and if I'm responsible, that's all I'll have to pay.  Unfortunately for me, I tend to forget and end up using up 2-3 nights.  Still it is way cheaper than movies.

Fast forward to last weekend, and we're watching this in our house on a 70 inches screen. WOW!  I was blown away by the graphics. It's fluid, and sometimes, I have to check to see if it's real. How come it was apparent to me in the movie preview?

Tintin is a reporter who's always after some story. He found this ship at a flea market and bought it. Just before he could take it, another man wanted to buy it too, and for a much higher price. The man tried very hard to buy it from Tintin, but he likes the ship and didn't give it to the man. The rest of the story is a rolling adventure in pursuit of treasure and dodging bullets and chasing bad guys.

There's enough action in there to double your heart rate. I highly recommend it.

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