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Monday, May 21, 2012


Location: Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

Yesterday, my husband and I are on our computer desks and the children, we have five were in the living room doing a variety of things most of which were electronic-related. He heard the little one (the boy on the left from the picture above) said: Yoel, Yossi, Yoav....gosh, why are there so many Yo's in this house?!

He and I thought that is so funny. I have four boys and a girl. The boys play a lot together. They also have lively disagreements together. I hope their brotherhood will last them throughout their life. They're a close bunch, and I hope that they would always be. I think it's normal to fight now and then. I usually would just listen and let them settle it. I want them to learn how to do that. It's a life skill, I think.

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