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Monday, May 28, 2012

Highland Lover by Amanda Scott

Title: Highland Lover
Author: Amanda Scott
Series: Highland Knights
Grand Central Publishing

Lady Alyson McGillivray travelled with her husband on a sea voyage. She was hoping she could get to know her husband better.  However, on the ship, she makes a shocking discovery. The future king of Scotland, James, is traveling with them. It was nearly impossible to spend any alone time with her husband on board the ship as her husband was busy running errands and command of some other guy friend he has. When the ship was overrun with pirates, some people died and the future king was kidnapped. Lady Alyson believed her husband died that night. She would have died too were it not for a little boy named Will and Jake.

The Wolf, as he is famously known, has been commissioned by the king to follow his son on his journey. While he wasn't fortunate enough to prevent the kidnapping, he was able to save Alyson on that fateful night. Her ship was broken and it was about to sink when she was rescued by The Wolf. They feel mutual desire and attraction. In fact, more attraction and desire than she feel with anyone else before.

I like the progression of the story. I get lost in it and nothing to jar me out of my revelry. I like the surprise. I like the heroine's spirit and character. I like Jake, too. He's funny, and seem unflappable. I like him from Highland Hero. Spoiler alert down below...

The only sad part of the story for me is they never found James, the future king. Historical fact said that he was an English captive for more than 18 years.  I would have like to hear about him. If this book were a movie, every scene he appeared, he'd have stolen it. I like a good historical romance. This is one. I learn something new and got entertained in return.

Have you taken a close look at the cover? I know I have. I only flipped and gaze at it every other chapter. I love that cover. It's very attractive. It's like watching Thor (from the movie Avengers) walking around half-clothed, or watching Captain America playing a naked neighbor in some other movie. It's thrilling! Come on, take a look at it again? I love that face....and here I am wondering....where is the body that goes with that face?!

My book is an ARC. Thank you to Ms. Reese for my copy.


  1. Shoshanna, Thanks for visiting me @ You're right, if you just blog as a hobby, it's difficult to review all the books you read.
    I love visiting your blog because 1) the design and layout is very calming, 2) you review the genres I read and 3) you blog on other things too which fascinates me as I like to know the person behind the blog :-)!

    I've never read an Amanda Scott. I've had a myopic pattern with my reads; I read the authors I know and like. Lately, I realize I'm running out of books by my favorite authors so I've been trying to cultivate new ones. If you liked this book, I'll try it when I'm done with my current book.

    Have a great week!

    1. Book Girl, glad to see you again! I'm gone all out and updated all my other blogs. Yes, blogs. I'm crazy that way. Here they are:

      I, too, am myopic on my reading. But, for some unexplained reasons, I can try all sorts of genre on my kindle reader and on audiobooks. I branched out so much, I am even reading Sci Fi, a genre I couldn't stand before. Weird huh?