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Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Girl

Last summer, before my daughter started taking violin lessons, she was taking guitar lessons from this nice guitarist brother-in-law of our piano teacher.  She loved it.  The guy used to be an arranger for the same band where Mike Shenoda plays drum.  Unfortunately, his family moved to Arkansas, and we haven't found anyone to replace him.  We did know that any fender acoustic guitars for sale then.  The one she owned was made by the same name.  It's like Dr. Pepper is made by Pepsi.  She still plays in her little electric guitar, mostly famous riffs from Led Zeppelin, My Chemical Romance and Linkin Park.  She doesn't have much time to do that now though because she's taking piano and violin lessons.  I know her interest changes from time to time, but when she's into a certain something, she gives it all her heart.  That's what makes her so good at anything and everything she tries.  She has this genuine interest and honest curiosity, and unfettered enthusiasm.  You go girl!

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