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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

One Night With You by Sophie Jordan

I saw this book in my shelf this morning and decided to read it. This was published in 2008 by Avon Historical Romance. There are 353 pages, in paperback. I love the story. It's about Jane. She's widowed and is now a servant in the house she used to managed. After over a year in mourning, she decided to come out into the society once again. With the help of her two Duchess friends, Lucy and Astrid, she did. However, they went a courtesan's ball. There she found a longtime childhood friend and love, Seth. Her heart palates on seeing him. He's excited by this mystery girl, even though his passions has been dormant for a while.

There's the usual misunderstanding which comes with a love story like this. However, Sophie Jordan had me all teary-eyed right around 3/4 of the book. The emotions ran strong with this book. Julianne, Seth's sister is the secondary story. Her's is also a wonderful story. I read rather fast (I was finished in 2.5 hours) but that's because I am practicing Evelyn Woods method. I'm also supposed to be reading my law books. Classes starts in June and I must be ready. But Ms Jordan's book is irresistible.

I highly recommend this book. Don't miss it. If you live in the US and wants my copy, e-mail me your address, I'll send you this book. The first address on my mailbox gets it. Leave a comment that you intend to. E-mail: thisbookforfree *at* gmail dot com.

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