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Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Raid: A Movie

Have you ever seen a movie when the action never lets up once it started? Well, this movie is it. It's more action than Mission Impossible (all versions), more karate than Bourne series, and movies of the likes. I do not even noticed if they developed any of the characters, I am too busy holding on the the seat of my pants for the wild ride.

The plot is easy to follow. The main character is a policeman. That day, they set out to capture one drug lord. He's guarded by two able men. One of them is so much fun to watch kick ass. There's gun fires, and lots of them.  But there's a story too. One that will get you engage long enough to make sure you never leave your seat.

I enjoyed watching it. Would I watch it again? I'm not sure. But the first time I saw it, I really enjoyed myself.

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