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Monday, May 21, 2012

When a Duke Says I Do by Jane Goodger

Title: When the Duke Says I Do
Author: Jane Goodger

 I just finished reading this book.  My nose is read and my eyes are wet.  Yes, I cried happy tears.  I love the progression of the story.  I love it when a book makes my heart break yet put it all back together with a happy ending.

Elsie is engaged to Oscar. Oscar's father is an overbearing man with immense power. Everyone in the ton is afraid of him. Along comes a painter and Alexander, his mute assistant, to paint a mural on Elsie's ballroom walls. It is all the rage.

Due to Elsie's aversion to sleeping in her bed in her room, her household made a habit of hunting for her in the morning as she falls asleep in every unusual places.  One night she wondered into her ballroom and happened upon the painter's assistant. She talks and talks while he draws and paints. And they fall in love....even though Elsie shouldn't because she's engaged.

While Alexander is not really mute, he has debilitating  condition which makes it impossible for him to speak to his father. His father, believe the boy is an idiot and unworthy, sent him to an asylum for idiots to get rid of him. This is Elsie and Alexander's story. Two souls with unique burdens they carry. Being together makes them whole, but will they be able to surmount the obstacle that stands in their way of everlasting happiness?

This is a story not to be missed if you are a romance fan. It's like Judith McNaught, Elizabeth Hoyt, Jill Barnett, Eloisa James and Julia Quinn all rolled into one. It is such a treat. I will be reading more of this author even though I know I should spend most of my time reading law-related items to get ready for fall.

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