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Monday, June 11, 2012

Children Always Play

circa 2008
I have noticed that my children seem to have a happier day if they can spend part of it playing. That was one of the reasons my husband and I installed a sand pile in our back yard in addition to a huge trampoline. In the summer, I find it is tough to just let them play all the time. There is the weather factor. I want them to go out early in the morning because the Texas mosquitoes rule supreme in the afternoon. I am not even going to mention the heat. Sometimes, when they're outside, I see them digging in the yard. Other times, they plant vegetables taken from our refrigerator. I can also see that this planting results is displacements to some of my flowers. I do not mind too much.  I just find it amazing they are happy to play together no matter the circumstances. Such capacity to find joy in each others company and in anything ought to be preserved, bottled and cultivated to make sure they get to have it throughout their lives.  More than in their childhood, they need it when they're grown ups. What a great gift that would be if I were able to give my children. The gift of finding joy in everyday things and in each others company.

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