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Monday, June 25, 2012

Death's Door by James R. Benn

DEATH'S DOOR: A Billy Boyle Word War II Mystery
by James R. Benn
Well, if I cannot read a book in its entirety, I am going to start reviewing by the chapter. Yep. One paragraph about chapters because it's all I have time for between memoranda and briefs and exams. So, here goes...

James R. Benn is new to me.  This is the first book I have gotten hold of.  Chapter 1 starts at a bar in Italy where Via Appia ends. Billy was with his friend named Kaz.  Billy is worried about a girl named Diana who's been capture by the Gestapo.  I am captivated.  Benn has a way of putting words together that makes the story a quicksand ready to pull you in.  If I didn't have an exam today, I would be tempted to stay home and let it pull me.

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