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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Birds and Sticks

It's on the stick!
Bird Feeding at the Ft. Worth Zoo
Sometimes, it's really great to have your relatives visit.  Case in point: one of my favorite cousins, Gio, visited us here in Dallas which made me see the city in someone else's eyes.  As a result, we all took a huge limo and visited Ft. Worth Zoo.  What a day.  I tend to avoid outdoor activities in the summer because it is hot.  However, when you have cousins visiting who's not afraid to check out all the pulleys and levers of fun, then it is an entirely different matter altogether.   I packed all five children, and my sister and her two children, my brother and his two children and my cousin and his one child and went to the zoo.  What a fun day we had.  This picture above is of my youngest child who was thrilled to find a bird sitting on his hand at it ate the sesame seeds on his Popsicle stick.  You can almost see the sweat dripping on his head.  Still, it was all great fun.  I made sure my took in plenty of fluids.  Thanks cousin Gio.

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