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Friday, August 24, 2012

Does It Really?

Fort Worth Zoo Fence

They say fence makes good neighbors.  I can attest to that.  One of my previous neighbors was horribly nosy.  She told me what to do, she commented on every single thing that happened or thought to have happened.  I might have entertained a few things I would like to do to her, but I never had to.  I had an 8' fence.   That's probably what a houston fence company will do for you.  I can honestly say, my fence saved my sanity.  I cannot be rude to her, she was quite old.  I was brought up to always respect my elders.  Nobody warned me that I have to put up with abuse to do so.  However, we've moved houses since then, so the point is moot.  I only have one neighbor now, and they're perfect.  I actually prefer those privacy fence where no one can see inside my backyard.  It's not because I am planning to dance around naked in there, but I would like that option.

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