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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

She Loves to Play the Violin

My daughter loves to play the violin.  I did not know she was talented at it until she was accepted into a talented and gifted school for her violin playing.  She's first chair in her orchestra.  I studied the piano when I was little, but I was not any good at it.  I was glad to have taken it because it makes me enjoy my piano when I want to play for myself.  I would sometimes re-play some of the beautiful pieces.  I would certainly like to record my daughter's playing, especially now that she's so good at it.  It would help her improve her playing if she can play it back later on.  I would especially like to record those times when one of my children is singing while another is on the piano, violin and bass.  The youngest one does not like to play anything just yet, but I can tell he's fascinated about the violin.

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