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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Torts Exam on Wednesday

Siegel's Torts: Essay and Multiple-Choice Questions and Answers [Paperback] Brian N. Siegel (Author), Lazar Emanuel (Author)
I spent over 20 dollars on this book at Amazon.  I wanted to practice multiple choice questions because my first exam is multiple choice.  We are only covering intentional torts, which is not the biggest part of torts we will cover this semester.  It is deceptive because we spent 4 weeks on this torts, when really, it is negligence that is going to take up bulk of torts for our finals.  We have 14 weeks of school, and all 4 weeks is on intentional torts.

This book contains 91 multiple choice questions, and about 15 question deals with intentional torts.  The questions are both easy and hard.  It is good to practice multiple choice questions because learning the Black letter law is quite different from applying it.  I like the easy questions here, too.  Like I said, our exam covers intentional torts in multiple choice.  I have read one or two essays question on intentional torts, and they are quite thorough. 

In ten weeks, I will probably have done all the problems in this book and more.  This book came highly recommended, at least the older version of this book was.  I rate this book a 4 so far.

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