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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Walking Around in Frisco

Lombard Street, San Francisco, August 2012

My 4th child and I went on a vacation for over a week in San Francisco.   It is becoming one of my favorite summer destinations.   The whole city is practically air condition around 65 plus or minus 10 degrees while the rest of the United States is sweltering in heat!   The cold air does not mean that we do not get thirsty as we explore the city.   We carried our own earth friendly water container.   In fact, we prefer carrying our own water.  It makes the whole walking thing pleasant.  I noticed though that past 32 ounces of water becomes a burden to carry, especially with those hills!  We stayed at Nob Hill during the first half of our stay.  In order to get food, we have to run downhill (you can walk, too, but it's more fun to run) and then uphill again afterwards.  Powell street from California to Union Square is a nice leg conditioner for sure.  We had lots of fun in that city.

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