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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Heart of Mine by Michelle Beattie (Kindle Book)

Heart of Mine
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I listened to this book with my kindle keyboard reader.  I love it!  Amazon updated my reader with something I have no clue; but I know now that I can listen to my kindle I am while driving.  If I need to change a book in the middle of a drive, I don't have to take my eyes on the road because my kindle talks to me.  That right, talk!  The robotic reader is better than getting bored in my 2-hour commute 4 days a week.  I love this story.

This book is about Laura, whose father is the town wastrel.  She works so hard and her father takes all the money from her.  Then one day, her father thought she should marry for money.  He picked an old man to marry her.  Laura decided it is time for her to pick her own husband.  Unfortunately for her, she had not exchanged words with the man of her dreams.

Jake is the guy.  He woke up with this naked girl next to him, and her father is holding a shotgun pointed at him.  They got married and everything got interesting from there.  It was what I needed because if you look a few post down, I was suffocating under my schedule.  So, Michelle Beattie, thank you for a wonderful book.  It was a good company for my drive to and from school.

If you are reading this and want to read this book, too.  Leave a comment. I'll see it and send you this book.  Make sure to leave an e-mail that works. 

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