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Sunday, October 28, 2012

It Is Sunday, A Day Before Monday

A pond at San Francisco Zoo, located near the cassowaries habitat

Malaise. Google defined it as a general feeling of uneasiness, illness, or discomfort whose exact cause is difficult to identify.  That is about right, in terms of what I am feeling.  Although, I think I know why I am feeling this way.  I have this criminal law exam on Monday; tomorrow really.  Then I have this memo and about 100 pages of reading for tort and criminal law.  There is also the matter of this monster outline.  In other words, I suddenly want to be doing anything but school related.  I cannot, though because that would be stupid.  On the other hand, I have done nothing school related in the last four hours. I should have gone jogging instead.  I would have run over 5 miles by now. However, I was just thinking how  Gregory Backpacks would be a perfect vacation backpack. It looks to be ergonomic and space-efficient. Take it from me who went on vacation with an 8-year-old boy who tend to accumulate stuff as we walk that an efficient backpack would have been better than a stylish coach purse.  It's more fun if you are not holding to a lot of stuff while trying to take in the view.  Still, it was really fun going on vacation with one of my five children.

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