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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Just Breath

A picture of a flower I took from my August 2012 trip to San Francisco with my 8 years old.
I hold on to those lovely, fun, and carefree times.  My husband is extremely gifted in making sure I went
I guess he knew I need it now.  I can do this.  I love the challenge, and can't resist whining

I feel like I am constantly hounded and I just cannot breath from the weight of the looming deadlines.  I have a torts exam on Saturday, a memo that's more than a quarter of my grade due on Tuesday, another torts exam on the 22, followed by criminal law exam.  Somewhere in there, we're to keep up with our reading and the citation and research workbooks.

Just breath.  Take it one step at a time.

I still need to keep my house in order, and keep my children and their homework straight.  I still need to be a wife, and sometimes a daughter and sister, too.  I'll manage.  It's just that sometimes, it is difficult to catch my breath.

Just breath. One pair of inhale and exhale at a time. That's all it will take.

I also noticed that when I really, really need to buckle down for school and I need everyone to behave...well, forget it, because that's when everyone falls apart and I have to be a superwoman to prop everyone up and still have to find strength and excel in school.

Just breath.  Deep inhales and exhales.  I will manage somehow.  I always do because I'm too stubborn to do otherwise.

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