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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

On The Other Hand - Eloisa James Is Entertaining

Yep, it's showing the finger!
There is a trend I am noticing.  I will read something, and then I would not notice a little thing.  That is okay when I am reading a best seller and just read for leisure.  It is a horrendous calamity when I am reading the effing call of the question for an exam!  Seriously! 

Today, I was explaining to a person sitting next to me about 30% of the number.  And then I ended up adding another zero to the $100k listed. WTF?

The lesson here is, to be aware.  The take-away here is, knowing that I tend to make these mistakes lately, to just double check and think before I open my mouth.  That is all. 

I was thinking of making this post and saw this picture.  I thought it perfect!  Don't you?

Btw, I have been goofing off on my way home from school.  I am currently listening to Eloisa James Ugly Duchess.  What a fascinating story.  These couple started out as childhood friends, got married, and become estranged.  When I say estranged, I mean, like they got married and two days later, the guy left and was never seen again until almost 6 years after he left.  I am now at the part of the story where the guy came back.  I can't wait to see what happens.

When I have such limited time for recreational reader, I appreciate awesome authors more.  So, thanks, Eloisa.

My kindle reader is doing a good job of reading it.  I find myself sitting in my car for 4 minutes longer to listen.  I refuse to bring my kindle in the house because all reading right now is for criminal law, torts, and legal writing. I have a memo that that is half of my grade that is due in just two weeks.  So there.

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