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Sunday, October 14, 2012

San Francisco, California

It has become a tradition in our family for me to take one child for a getaway where I do nothing but lavish attention on that one child.  My husband and I have five children.  Since I travel with one child every summer, I end up going to San Francisco because it is hot everywhere else.  Plus, I have taken the other children there, and every single one of the younger ones want to go where the older kids went.  It is a challenge to look for a place while in San Francisco.  My child and I usually stay a week or so, but less than two weeks for sure.  I like to be near the cable car line, and near food!  Free Travel Apps has become a very good friend of mine.  I have an app for when I hunt for fun place to visit while I'm there.  I have an app for looking at hotels with swimming pool, as requested.

I have an app for hunting for food, and coupons for shopping.  In short, I cannot do without my apps. It is very useful when I'm at a lost where the Filipino food might be in San Francisco.  I do not always eat Filipino cuisine, but I miss it sometimes.  After all, I live in the Philippines the first 18 years of my life.  And even though I have been away more compared to when I live there, I love to eat the food.  Most of all, I love apps which tells me how far I've walk in a day.  San Francisco is a lovely walking city, and it goes hand in hand with apps at my finger tips.  Otherwise, I would not be able to find half the things I wanted to take my children to.

For my last trip, my hotel-hunting apps was very useful in bagging a reservation at Fairmont Hotel on Nob Hill. What a luxurious place that is.  My child was not so thrilled because they do not have an indoor pool.  My child thinks Marriott at Union Square with their pool is the best hotel there is.  They have an indoor pool!

Actually, travel apps is useful even when I'm home.  I realized that I do not know my city as I should.  I consult my handy dandy apps for places to take my children to eat alone, to places to eat when there are 7 of us, or places to eat for romantic date with my husband.  Overall, I love this technology revolution that allows me to have these things right at my fingertips.  What are your favorite apps and what do you love about it?

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