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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Week 7

Pacific Ocean, near San Francisco Zoo
It is now week 7 of my 1L.  I have two torts midterm, 1 criminal law midterm, 1 memo for my writing class, and 2 citations homework.  All these are due in two weeks.  On top of all these, we're proceeding at a break-neck speed through our case book.  I'm a tad behind on my outline, and I've yet to do a full essay practice.  I have done only short ones, and I hope that it's a good practice if all put together.

Today, I am meeting with a peer-study person.  We'll see how that works.  See that picture up there?  I think of that place and take a deep breath to handle the stress of all these deadlines and my five kids and husband.  I just also heard my father had a mild stroke.  Yeah, I'm handling it.  Now, I just have to excel at those school-related stuff- after family stuff.  Because I know family is what matters in the end.  However, I'm greedy. I want to do well in school, too.

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