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Saturday, December 29, 2012


US Highway 27, south bound to Lubbock on Xmas Day
I drove on this road less than 4 days ago.  I was find with it for the most part, except when the highway would periodically disappear because the snow and the high winds would blanket the ground with white, I get petrified.  I drove the 120 miles from Amarillo on this weather.  After Lubbock, we ran out of US-27.

Along US-84 towards Highway 20
We went onto state highway 84 towards US-20.  There were ice in some places.  At first, it was scary, then I got used to it.  I still had to drive slower than usual, but on areas where the road was clear, I can go the speed limit.  We made it to Lipan from Amarillo in less than 6 hours.  I had fun watching the windmills which dotted along the way.  At night, they are lit up with blinking red lights.  They seem to cover the horizon.  In daytime, even on a slippery road, they look wonderful. 

I think I learned my lesson on winter traveling. Weather forecast can only do so much.  This much snow as not predicted.  Still, I cannot complain.  December 24 was a perfect day for exploring the canyon we drove 900+ miles round-trip to see.

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