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Friday, December 21, 2012

The Great Hunt

screen saver that I got from the internet, unfortunately, I cannot remember the site
I started my 1L last August 20.   I knew that the one thing I am going to need is a laptop.  However, there are so many recommendations for me.  One person said that since I have an apple phone, tablet and mp3 player that I should also get apple laptop.  I was not convinced.  Ever since I started using the computer over 20 years ago, I have always used windows.  I like the word processor, and I am very attached to excel.  Even though I am no longer computing copious amount of data in law school like I used to while earning my biochemistry, I like the specs of windows 8 64-bit which comes with the new laptops on the market.  After shopping around, making all comes down to electronic blue book, my new best friend when it comes to exam time.  I found that non-windows users end up with a lot of problems after exams.  I do not need that kind of stress hanging over my head.  Hands down, I will always be a windows girl when it comes to computer.  My great hunt ended with an HP laptop. I am satisfied.

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