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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Winter Getaway

Palo Duro Canyon
Got my kids and husband in a van and drove 460 miles to Canyon Texas.  I wanted us to see the grand canyon on Texas.  I wanted to see it when it's cool, and not when we are experiencing our Texas summers.

It was a good call.  We arrive late on Sunday, and early Monday, we visited the canyon.  We climb some parts of it.  We never did get to hike to the lighthouse, a moderate 6-mile hike because the water bridge leading to the beginning of the path was scary.  There were more water than I'm used to driving, so we did not dare cross.  In addition, the kids were freaking out with vision of being washed down the shallow river if we dare!

Oh yea, it was a good call because the day after we were at this perfectly-snow free canyon, the next day was snow and extremely cold weather for Texas.  We hightailed it out of town because we did have to go to by Wednesday.

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