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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Busy Week End

Hubby took this picture today

I have a three-day weekend, however, I have many things to do.  On Saturday, I have piano lessons for the kids.  For school, I have two Interactive Citation Workbook due, a research log meme, and the usual ready assignment.  Need to fill in my outline, and practice some questions.

The research log can only be done if I actually do some research.  Then I have to write Issue, facts, rules, application, explanation, conclusion and etc.  These things are not easy for me to do.  I am hoping that the more I do it, the more proficient I become at it. 

My citation exercises about prior and subsequent history took longer than I thought it would.  Over 90 minutes!  I cannot have that.  It's done now, so I guess that is alright.  I still think that Harvard's The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation is an instrument of torture, but perhaps in a good way.  It is similar to BDSM if you like that kind of stuff.  I do not. Not just yet.

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