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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Handy Dandy Guitar

image from Ashville Classical Guitar Society

I can play El Condor Pasa on a guitar.  I think it has about 6 chords that I play.  However, I have forgotten how to do it now.  I would like to learn again, especially since it's a good stress reliever.  If all my kids learns to play, they can always have fun anywhere.  It is also portable.  Before finding a teacher to teach my kids to play guitar, I should go shopping for guitars or teacher or both.  Or, if I cannot find a teacher, youtube has a lot of online tutorial available.  Yes, I think classical guitar will be my 40th birthday present. It is great that my kids are all playing the piano, but I think guitar have the added portability.  Besides, family reunions in the Philippines means that guitar will be played at some point.  I would want a guitar this year.

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