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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Oh Memo

I could have been more organized today.  I drove the kids to school, and that went smooth.  It was a tear-free morning.  I really appreciated it because I had a long day at school, and then I had a long night at work.  With three hours of sleep in me for three days in a row, I was grateful for a drama-free morning.

My mother and aunt were around, and they are both wonderful company.  Frankly, I would have no clue how to get peace of mind if my mother were not here to keep me company every other week.  But, when I was trying to do some research and trying to think of up ways to organize my thoughts, my mother and my aunt were rather loud.

It was my fault that I find their conversation funny and titillating.  Laughter was never far behind when I listen to my mother and my aunt talked.  I especially love my mother as a story-teller.  She's talented that way.  As a result, I had a skeleton memo chart and nothing more.

Then, my husband came home from work around 10, and I found my next excuse not to do my research for the day!  I had lunch with him, and proceeded to watching over six episodes of HOMELAND at Amazon Instant Play.  That procrastination cost me!  The series was 33 dollars.  My non-started research was priceless.  I genuinely love sitting around with my husband doing nothing, or reading or watching TV, or just being around him.  And that is after 21+ years of marriage!

Finally, at 7:00 PM, I get around to my computer again, ostensibly to finish or finesse my research.  My children were buzzing around me, which I love!  However, it is not so good when I am trying to get work done.  Still, I would always prefer my kids to anything...even TV show.  So, it was not until about 9:00 PM that I got started on my research.

After almost 4 hours of work, I got to know my cases, found more cases, and now I am wondering what factors goes with my issue.  I have to write about the reasonable time and geographic restriction for Non-competition Agreement or Covenant not to compete.  I am wondering if the factor to consider with time is the kind of trade secret.  And, if I were to talk trade secret, do I worry about the six factor test?

It seem unnecessarily fussy, but on the other hand, I need to be thorough in my coverage.  My brain is still trying to wrap around the idea of umbrella paragraph while simultaneously grappling with the idea of open research.  There is literally too many cases and not enough at the same time.  I am in a conundrum.

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