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Saturday, January 5, 2013


San Francisco Zoo lake

The best part of vacation is having an indoor pool in the hotel.  My son's only requirement, it seems is a pool in a clean hotel.  He does not care that Fairmont Hotel in Nob Hill is an awesome hotel.  And that we're walking at the very same lobby that Cary Grant was walking when he made that movie we fell asleep to.  Having a pool, especially an indoor one needs a good pump.  Quality pumps can be found at discount pool pumps. It is an essential component of a pool, and might as well get one with the best bargain price.  As for a lake in a zoo, I do not think it needs a pump, unless it's one of those fake ones that is made to look like a real lake when it is really a fake one.  I am not sure about this particular lake in San Francisco zoo,

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