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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

TBR: Chasing Dragons by Douglas A. Jaffe

Chasing Dragons by Douglas A. Jaffe
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This is the book that I am planning to read next.  I start on Monday, as I drive to and from school...all 80 miles round trip of it.  Unless I end up reading this tomorrow.  I am captivated by the description already. The author kindly sent me a kindle copy where my robotic reader can read it to me as I drive.  It is not going to be anything like Jim Dale of Harry Potter. However, I am grateful for my kindle reader because it gives me another option to satisfy my fiction reading needs when I couldn't possibly "read" a book that's not a textbook.

Description from
Sebastian is the owner of a bookstore café in Hong Kong who provides informal counseling services to an array of offbeat characters. His quiet life is suddenly upended when he meets Chloe, and their relationship takes a startling turn, as it begins to parallel the relationship of a pair of mythical dragons from Chinese history. The lovers struggle with questions of mortality and immortality, before a choice is made that pulls them apart.

From the safety of his bookstore, Sebastian observes the world around him through his books and his counseling clients, whose problems range from infidelity to the challenges of dealing with an overbearing mother. Living within the frenzied metropolis that is Hong Kong, Sebastian tries his best to live a quiet, predictable life.

Unbeknownst to him, there is a parallel story unfolding about Chi Wen and Zhao Chen, two dragons from Chinese mythology. While initially distinct from Sebastian’s modern life, this alternative reality begins to filter through and he finds himself increasingly subjected to visions and memories of a life he does not remember.

Sebastian has a chance meeting with Chloe one afternoon and they share an immediate attraction and familiarity that quickly draws them together. As the relationship deepens, Sebastian’s visions and dreams of Chi Wen and Zhao Chen intensify, and he begins to lose his grip on his sanity.

Reality and mythology blur and Sebastian is forced to question his own life and his relationship with Chloe. As the modern and mythical worlds start to intersect, Sebastian is drawn back into an ancient battle of wills. Solving the mystery of his frightening visions leads him to a choice that will throw his life into turmoil and potentially destroy his humanity.

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